LYHA joins forces with school administrators

 By Jessica Ngaleu, Senior at Lynn English High School. 

We are a part of the Lynn Youth Health Alliance at Lynn English High School, and we were recently joined by a group of school administrators and the City of Lynn’s Public Health Director to discuss the lunches served at our local public schools. Our goal was mainly to explain any issues we had regarding our lunch schedules and the manner in which our lunches are served to us.
While discussing our ideas and opinions, we came across a number of issues:
  • The variety of lunches was acceptable, but the quantity was somewhat insufficient.
  • The sight of the food was not appealing.
  • The lunchroom environment was overcrowded and students race to acquire the hot lunches first.
While not all our needs were met, the administrators took all of our declarations into consideration. Surprisingly, it did not take long for some changes to be made, like the opening of a third serving line in the cafeteria. Nothing feels more accomplishing than to walk into the lunch room seeing all those satisfied faces, knowing that we made that happen. “Being the change you want to see in the world” now has a new meaning to me, and motivates me to continue to push for change, as I never pictured this dictum would ever apply to me as a person and the LYHA group as a whole.

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