New school lunch items: students tried it, some liked it, others loved it!

Cheesy Baked Pasta dish

LYHA members have been working with Chartwells this school year to involve students in the school food process. Last month, members had a chance to pick recipes to be featured on the January lunch menu-they voted from a list of recipes and decided on the Cheesy Baked Pasta and Strawberry Chicken Salad.


We wanted to know whether students enjoyed these menu items so on the days that they were on the menu we went to all lunch hours to get some student feedback! Students placed a sticker in one of three columns to share their opinion – “tried it”, “liked it”, “loved it”.


For the Cheesy Baked Pasta, we received 18 responses total; four in the “tried it” section, five on the line between “tried it” and “liked it”, six in the “liked it” section, and three votes in the “loved it” section. For the Strawberry Chicken Salad – there were 12 available for students during all four lunch hours; we received feedback from one student who tried it and said he enjoyed the sweet strawberries and chicken tenders although he felt there was a little too much cheese in the salad.

We also gave students a chance to write down any comments or suggestions they had. For the cheesy baked pasta students suggested a different sauce and adding a meat to the dish such as chicken for some extra protein.

It was helpful to be in the lunchrooms gathering feedback and listening to all the great comments and recommendations students had. If we do this in the future, we hope to get more feedback and we believe a great way to do so would be to walk around the lunchroom to ask the opinion of all students that tried the dish.

We are bringing this feedback to Chartwells to see where there are opportunities for change in the particular dishes and discuss whether these dishes will continue to be on the menu. This is a great step forward in student involvement in the school food process and we hope to choose other menu options as the school year continues!


Evelyn DeLeon and Dashon Jones gather feedback from their peers.

(L to R) Stephanie Paul, Maggie Nzekwue and Monica Guevara

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